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You all made me feel very welcome and relaxed on Tuesday and that comes from someone who hates the six monthly visits to the dentist!! Thank you for your help and information and I look forward to seing you in the future. – Miss S. Oliver

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Laser Treatment at Smile Care Dentists Plymouth

At Smile Care we use the Velopex Diode Laser in our treatments.


Easy-to-use laser for soft tissue procedures
The Diode Laser from Velopex has been widely acclaimed by practitioners seeking a more patient-friendly approach to soft tissue treatment and tooth whitening. This efficient, easy-to-use solution delivers important benefits to patient.

Soft tissue management
The Velopex Diode laser is ideal for all soft tissue procedures, as it does not interact with teeth, bone or im­plants. It is particularly suitable for periodontal and endo­dontic work, where its bactericidal effects can be used to the full without any adverse effect on pulpal temperatures or root surface changes.

Wide range of applications
The Diode Laser is the effective solution for procedures including apecectomy, frenectomy, gingivectomy, operculec­tomy, and the removal of papillimas/fibromas

Excellent for tooth whitening
The Diode Laser can also be used for tooth whitening proce­dures, producing outstanding results rapidly.

Blood-free minor surgery
In minor oral surgery, the laser’s wavelength allows an area to be cut with complete haemostasis. The laser both cuts and sterilises the tissues, making for good postoperative results with less swelling and discomfort for the patient.

High patient acceptability
The Velopex Laser helps eliminate pain and bleeding, and significantly reduces post-operative discomfort, building the confidence of patients.

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