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White Composite Fillings at Smile Care Dentists Plymouth

Why should you replace your old metal fillings into white composite restorations?

As amalgam does not stick to the remaining tooth, a gap exists between the remaining tooth and the placed amalgam filling. Harmful oral bacteria can enter the tooth through this gap and cause further decay development.

It is possible to bond composite to tooth, but it is not possible to do so with amalgam.

When placing an amalgam filling dentist needs to cut away extra healthy tooth tissue to create an artificial ‘undercut’ or ‘lock’ to keep it in place. We do not need to do this for the composite restoration as it can bond even to the flat surface of a tooth.

Research shows that when we place composite restorations, we reinforce remaining potentially weakened tooth structure.

A consequence of placing a metal filling is often an increased risk of fracture of a tooth.

If you have been considering repalcing your old fillings then contact us at Smile Care Dentists Plymouth to organise a consultation to see how best we can help you with this. We look forward to seeing you soon.