“Amazing job – I’m so pleased with my new smile” – Jodie

Jodie Dart Smile After

I came to Smile Care to get a better smile – whiter, straighter teeth. A Hollywood Smile. Dr Toploski has done an Amazing job – I’m so pleased with my new smile.

Jodie’s Story

Jodie came to Smile Care as she had wanted whiter, straighter teeth. Teeth that gave her a “Hollywood Smile”.

Her teeth were uneven and slightly crooked with some dicolouration.


Jodie Dart Smile Before

Jodie Dart Teeth Before

Dr Topolski recommended that Jodie undergo Cosmetic Dentistry work to create the smile she wanted. The Cosmetic Dentistry work involved designing, creating and fitting a mix of veneers and crowns to give the end result taht Jodie was looking for.


Jodie Dart Smile After

Jodie Dart Teeth After

Our Cosmetic Dentist awarded Clearstep Practitioner of the Month

Rafal Topolski Cosmetic Dentist Plymouth At Smile Care Cosmetic Dentist Plymouth we are really excited that our cosmetic dentist, Dr Rafal Topolski was awarded December’s Clearstep™ Practitioner of the Month. Rafal received this award from Clearstep in recognition of his continuous great work using the Clearstep System and the consistent fantastic records sent into our Diagnostic Faculty.

“We would like to say a big thank you to Dr Topolski for the time and effort spent providing excellent diagnostic records. It is always a joy to receive records of such high quality and we look forward to receiving more cases from Smile Care Cosmetic Centre. All records we pass to our diagnosing orthodontists must be of a fantastic standard; Dr Topolski truly understands this and his records are consistently exceptional”.
Amanda Geary-Pepper, Clearstep™ Diagnostics Administrator.

A Clearstep representative said “Dr Topolski is a skilled practitioner that we value highly and regard as one of our best practitioners. His records are outstanding but so is the care and attention that every patient he treats receives throughout their Clearstep™ treatment.”

If you are looking for straighter teeth then Clearstep invisible braces may be the perfect option for you. You can visit our Patient Gallery to see some of the results that have been possibel for our patients. You can also view and read our Patient Videos and Comments to see what they have experienced at Smile Care.

Call us to to arrange a consultation with Dr Topolski and find out how you can get your dream smile.

For The Smile You’ve Always Wanted
From The Team at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth



A New Smile for a New Year with the help of Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth

Smile Makeover at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth Does being able to smile with confidence really make that much difference to your life? Our experience at Smile Care Cosmetic dentists Plymouth is that it most certainly can.

Having treated so many patients at our clinic in Plymouth, we have first-hand experience of what a difference it makes for people. Every day we see patients who hate to smile and are negatively impacted by what they consider to be “ugly” teeth. This affects how they feel about themselves, the confidence they have in social and professional situations and their relationships with people.

You may be experiencing similar feelings about your teeth and may even have considered doing something about them. The good news is that for most people, here at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth, there is hope.

With a range of cosmetic dental treatments available, the latest technology and exceptional and experienced cosmetic dentists and support staff, Smile Care is able to transform the most challenged dental smile to a beautiful confident smile.

Each patient is unique and your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and what is required to create your dream smile.  The first step towards a new smile is to arrange a consultation with our leading cosmetic dentist, Dr Rafal Topolski.

Dr Topolski will undertake a full assessment of your dental history and understand what you want to achieve. He will then be able to outline the best options available to you.

Using the latest in dental technology, Smile Care will be able to involve you in the design of your dream sign. You will be able to preview your new smile and make informed decisions as to what smile suits you best.

You can take the first step towards having a new smile by arranging your first consultation with us. You can also visit our Patient Gallery and view and read our Patient Videos and Comments to see what our patients have experienced.

We look forward with helping you have more confidence to smile in the future.