What Kinds Of Problems Do We Treat At Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth

Teeth Straightening with Invisalign Clear BracesIf you have viewed our Patient Gallery or seen and read the Patient Videos and Comments from some of our patients it can seem quite incredible the transformation that we have helped bring about. However, even after seeing and reading all of this you may still have concerns that we can help you achieve your dream smile.

A smile makeover may require addressing more than one problem for many people. At Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth we will assess your current dental position and what you want to achieve from your smile makeover. We will then recommend the best options for your treatment.

Here are some of the most common types of problems we help people with:

  • Crooked teeth – most often caused by overcrowding of teeth.
  • Stained and discoloured teeth –  tea, coffee, coke can all cause staining. Regular users of tobacco are prone to discolouration & staining.
  • Missing teeth or Gaps in between teeth – past extractions which have not been replaced leave unsightly gaps and of course nature itself means that some are left with slightly larger gaps between their teeth.
  • Broken or chipped teeth – accidents are frequent causes of chipped and broken teeth.

You may be experiencing one or more of these problems and at Smile Care we can offer you a range of alternative treatment types that can transform your smile.

Our treatments range from localised procedures such as teeth whitening to full dental reconstructions.  Combing the latest in dental technologies and techniques with the experience and skill of our team at Smile Care you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality of dental care in achieving your dream smile. Our treatments include:

 If you are looking to for the best smile makeover options for you then visit us at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth. Our cosmetic dentists will advise you on the best options for you.

If you haven’t yet visited our Patient Gallery to see some of the results then please take a look. You can also view and read our Patient Videos and Comments to see what our patients have experienced.

We look forward to helping you create a beautiful confident smile in the future.

For more information contact us at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth on 01752 663 239 or email Smile@SmileCare.uk.com.

For The Smile You’ve Always Wanted
From The Team at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth

Cosmetic Dentistry: Is It Something For You in 2012?

Cosmetic Reconstruction by Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists PlymouthFor many people, the dawning of a new year brings a list of resolutions they intend to make to change themselves. For many people they will include things like ‘having a better smile’ or ‘getting my teeth fixed’.

Not every dentist can fulfil those resolutions but here at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth we can!

So what is cosmetic dentistry exactly?

In a nutshell cosmetic dentistry is any dental procedure that improves the overall aesthetics – or look – of your smile. Known to some as a ‘smile makeover’ and sometimes (because of where cosmetic dentistry first took hold) as the ‘Hollywood smile’. Many celebrities and famous people have had cosmetic work done to their smile –reportedly including Kate Middleton before her wedding last year.

Having a beautiful smile brings many benefits. The most obvious is the boost to a person’s self-esteem. But it’s not just for the famous or wealthy – cosmetic dentistry is available to all.

There’s also a growing acceptance of why people have their smiles fixed following the popularity of TV shows such as Extreme Makeover and Embarrassing Bodies.

Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth straightening, including using clear braces such as Invisalign or Clearstep, porcelain dental veneers, dental crowns, composite white fillings, gum contouring and the replacement of missing teeth with dental bridges, implants and cosmetic dentures. The most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the UK however is teeth whitening.

So if you are considering cosmetic dentistry in 2012 as part of a new you, then come and see us at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth and find out what we can do following a friendly consultation.

For more information contact us at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth on 01752 663 239 or email Smile@SmileCare.uk.com.

For The Smile You’ve Always Wanted
From The Team at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth


What Can A Cosmetic Dentist Do For You?

Considered an asset in today’s dog-eat-dog world, the ‘celebrity smile’ has become an aesthetic measure of success that far supersedes any film reel or modelling portfolio; in fact, a ‘smile makeover’ is now as conventional a treatment as Botox – only dental intervention can actually benefit your health. Beauty critics attribute the rising popularity of cosmetic dental procedures to a generation vainly self-obsessed, however, cosmetic dentists attest it is a culmination of fast food culture; increased health awareness and the desire to ‘be successful’ that has motivated a proportionate rise in those seeking cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Cosmetic Dentists Smile Care Cosmetic CentreFrom the eradication of unsightly stains, to gum contouring and non-surgical face-lifts, cosmetic dentistry realises some truly face-saving benefits – the intervention of a cosmetic dentist could even delay the signs of aging! If you’re intent on making an everlasting impression or simply intent on insuring your teeth for the future, you’re certainly an ideal candidate, but do you actually know what’s on offer? Cosmetic dentistry is a diverse field of treatment not merely limited to premium whitening or veneer procedures – whether you suffer unsightly gaps or crooked front teeth, we’ve long moved on from fixed ‘train tracks’ and uncomfortable standard retainers.

Teeth whitening is a booming procedure offered by practically every cosmetic dentist in the UK. According to a study conducted by Crest in 2007, over 68% of survey respondents associated pristine white teeth with professional success, while over 59% concurred the procedure gave them a confidence boost – integral in many of today’s competitive professional industries. Several variations of cosmetic whitening exist, ranging from a simple descale and bleaching, to the application of dental veneers or porcelain crowns. Contrary to belief, veneers aren’t always applied as a quick-fix alternative to whitening. Veneers are often sought to ‘cover up’ the damage or wear to teeth caused by aging, grinding and minor accidents. Crowns tend to be reserved for patients with cavity issues, particularly if such cavities pose a threat to the health of the tooth itself. A veneer is primarily applied for cosmetic and aesthetic benefit, whereas a crown usually caps the entire tooth, protecting it from further decay and/or wear.

Cosmetic straightening of the teeth comes in a close second to whitening, as one of the most popular modern procedures for young, image conscious adults – most of whom probably declined the offer of an affixed brace during their teens. Cosmetic straightening has long evolved from what many call “train track braces”. Developments such as Invasalign, the Inman Aligner, the Clearstep System and lingual retainers are popular non-visible, on-going treatments for realignment of teeth and surgical intervention is actually quite rare. Surprisingly, these cosmetic straightening methods can also be used to rectify minor problems, relative to just one or two crooked teeth.

You’ve probably heard word of ‘dermal fillers’ from the mouths of celebrities and it can be a great treatment for stalling the signs of aging. Cosmetic dermal fillers have nothing to do with the oral interior; it is a treatment largely sought by those with wrinkles and depressions around the mouth area. Some cosmetic dentists have extended their services to include this treatment – the most popular being Restylane, a non-synthetic filler made from constituent chemicals found already in the skin. Restylane isn’t for everyone, but when combined with the recently enhanced oral work in maturer patients, has a surprisingly noticeable impact. If you thought cosmetic dentistry was an exclusive benefit for wealthy celebrities – think again. A cosmetic dentist needn’t be outrageously expensive and that small investment you make, will yield an amazing boost for both your self-confidence, and those all important first impressions.