Our Cosmetic Dentist awarded Clearstep Practitioner of the Month

Rafal Topolski Cosmetic Dentist Plymouth At Smile Care Cosmetic Dentist Plymouth we are really excited that our cosmetic dentist, Dr Rafal Topolski was awarded December’s Clearstep™ Practitioner of the Month. Rafal received this award from Clearstep in recognition of his continuous great work using the Clearstep System and the consistent fantastic records sent into our Diagnostic Faculty.

“We would like to say a big thank you to Dr Topolski for the time and effort spent providing excellent diagnostic records. It is always a joy to receive records of such high quality and we look forward to receiving more cases from Smile Care Cosmetic Centre. All records we pass to our diagnosing orthodontists must be of a fantastic standard; Dr Topolski truly understands this and his records are consistently exceptional”.
Amanda Geary-Pepper, Clearstep™ Diagnostics Administrator.

A Clearstep representative said “Dr Topolski is a skilled practitioner that we value highly and regard as one of our best practitioners. His records are outstanding but so is the care and attention that every patient he treats receives throughout their Clearstep™ treatment.”

If you are looking for straighter teeth then Clearstep invisible braces may be the perfect option for you. You can visit our Patient Gallery to see some of the results that have been possibel for our patients. You can also view and read our Patient Videos and Comments to see what they have experienced at Smile Care.

Call us to to arrange a consultation with Dr Topolski and find out how you can get your dream smile.

For The Smile You’ve Always Wanted
From The Team at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth



Is it safe to have my teeth whitening done at a beauty salon or should I use a Cosmetic Dentist in Plymouth?

Smile Care Cosmetic Centre Dentists in PlymouthA number of patients have asked us this recently as there has been a dramatic rise in the number of beauty related businesses offering teeth whitening. This rise is due to the fact that it is possible to gain a licence to legally whiten teeth by attending a one day course.

So it has been relatively easy for hairdressers, beauticians and others relate din the beauty industry to become legally qualified to undertake the teeth whitening procedure. Especially if you compare the number of years that our cosmetic dentist at Smile Care has studied and trained to gain a dental licence. And there are good reasons why dentists, especially cosmetic dentists, undergo such rigorous training!

Teeth whitening is a perfectly safe procedure when done correctly. However, there has been a rise in the number of teeth whitening procedures that have not been carried out properly and resulted in problems for the patient. Teeth whitening procedures that are badly carried out can result in such injuries as burns to the gums and other tissue which can be quite severe in some cases.

Dentists and doctors who have been assigned to look at the increase in “injuries” as a result of teeth whitening procedures agree that it can be linked to the rise in the increase in the number of people practising teeth whitening as a result of attending one day qualification courses.

Besides putting your safety first there is another very important reason to seek out the service of a qualified dental practitioner to undertake your teeth whitening. This is that they will be able to assess the current state of your oral health and also whether teeth whitening is suitable for you, especially if you have gum disease or crowns.

If you are considering teeth whitening in Plymouth then we would urge you to seek out the services of a qualified dentist in Plymouth to help you achieve a dazzling white smile in a safe and professional environment.

At Smile Care our cosmetic dentists carry out teeth whitening and you can visit our Patient Gallery to see some of the results. You can also view and read our Patient Videos and Comments to see what our patients have experienced.

We look forward to helping you create a dazzling white smile in the future.

A New Smile for a New Year with the help of Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth

Smile Makeover at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth Does being able to smile with confidence really make that much difference to your life? Our experience at Smile Care Cosmetic dentists Plymouth is that it most certainly can.

Having treated so many patients at our clinic in Plymouth, we have first-hand experience of what a difference it makes for people. Every day we see patients who hate to smile and are negatively impacted by what they consider to be “ugly” teeth. This affects how they feel about themselves, the confidence they have in social and professional situations and their relationships with people.

You may be experiencing similar feelings about your teeth and may even have considered doing something about them. The good news is that for most people, here at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth, there is hope.

With a range of cosmetic dental treatments available, the latest technology and exceptional and experienced cosmetic dentists and support staff, Smile Care is able to transform the most challenged dental smile to a beautiful confident smile.

Each patient is unique and your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and what is required to create your dream smile.  The first step towards a new smile is to arrange a consultation with our leading cosmetic dentist, Dr Rafal Topolski.

Dr Topolski will undertake a full assessment of your dental history and understand what you want to achieve. He will then be able to outline the best options available to you.

Using the latest in dental technology, Smile Care will be able to involve you in the design of your dream sign. You will be able to preview your new smile and make informed decisions as to what smile suits you best.

You can take the first step towards having a new smile by arranging your first consultation with us. You can also visit our Patient Gallery and view and read our Patient Videos and Comments to see what our patients have experienced.

We look forward with helping you have more confidence to smile in the future.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist?

Price or credentials? If faced with a choice, many consumers would undoubtedly weigh up the decision of cosmetic dentist based on price, bound as they often are by budget or expendable income. Cosmetic enhancement of any nature is by no means cheap, however, that best price mentality could set you up for a myriad of subsequent bills should anything untoward occur. Are you really ready to play roulette with your health?

Smile Care Cosmetic Centre Plymouth DentistsPrior to scouring the internet for your nearest cosmetic specialist, it benefits greatly to put some forethought into the work you’d like done. In-office whitening alone can be achieved via a plethora of non-invasive treatments, such as oxidized bleaching, laser treatment and laminate ceramic veneers. Of course, not all candidates are suited to certain treatments; therefore it is wise to evaluate the condition of your teeth before finalising a decision. This is usually done with the aid of a specialist, whom will most likely draw up a personalised treatment plan prior to commencing any cosmetic procedures. Additional considerations must be taken should you suffer from heart related illness, diabetes and allergies, or are currently prescribed certain long-term medications, since these pose risks during the administration of and recovery from anaesthetic. Consult your clinician if in doubt.

Selecting the right cosmetic dentist should be foremost of your concerns, particularly since you are entrusting one of the most visible areas of your anatomy to his/her care. Minor errors, such as an off-shade veneer or discoloured bonding have an unprecedented impact upon a ‘finished’ smile, leading to increased expense for correction, undue stress and in some cases, depression.

So what exactly must one look for to determine the quality or calibre of a cosmetic dentist? A significant percentage of practicing cosmetic specialists are members of the BACD (British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists), or AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) usually portraying their membership on a website, or within the lobby/office of the clinic. While it does not regulate, nor provide specific guidelines for good practice to the cosmetic dentistry industry, BDHF (British Dental Health Foundation) does offer a fully manned helpline, from which it’s possible to glean details of ‘best practice’ cosmetic dentists near your area. Another mark of quality is membership of the BDA (British Dental Association) signifying a specialist is also an accredited dental practitioner.  Ultimately, referrals seem to be the main source of new business for cosmetic dentistry practitioners, so it may well be worth talking to relatives, friends and colleagues for one that comes ‘recommended’.

Tracking down a suitable cosmetic dentist (at a price you can afford) is no mean feat, and it usually necessitates visiting several to scale down the options. It’s easy to become excited and blinkered following confirmation of your suitability for certain treatment, however final judgement should be reserved for post-meeting evaluation. Consider whether:

  • the clinician was happy to answer questions, without deflecting them or deviating from their intent.
  • you were comfortable and assured by explanations and suggestions provided.
  • medical concerns and pre-existing medical conditions were taken into account.
  • you felt you could trust him/her.
  • adequate, step-by-step explanations of treatments available to you were addressed, along with any associated risks.
  • a treatment plan was offered.

Finally, and to allay your initial concerns regarding price, you may wish to consider enquiring about a repayment plan. Payment by instalment, or ‘buy now, pay later’ has grown significantly in popularity since Harley Street practices introduced this option in the late 90′s. Similar in nature to a hire purchase agreement, your practitioner will require an initial deposit, followed by your commitment to payment of a monthly amount by signing of a credit agreement. In theory, there should be no other additions to the cost of treatment, other than those originally quoted; therefore it’s vital you’re aware of the inclusions prior to signing.

What Can A Cosmetic Dentist Do For You?

Considered an asset in today’s dog-eat-dog world, the ‘celebrity smile’ has become an aesthetic measure of success that far supersedes any film reel or modelling portfolio; in fact, a ‘smile makeover’ is now as conventional a treatment as Botox – only dental intervention can actually benefit your health. Beauty critics attribute the rising popularity of cosmetic dental procedures to a generation vainly self-obsessed, however, cosmetic dentists attest it is a culmination of fast food culture; increased health awareness and the desire to ‘be successful’ that has motivated a proportionate rise in those seeking cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Cosmetic Dentists Smile Care Cosmetic CentreFrom the eradication of unsightly stains, to gum contouring and non-surgical face-lifts, cosmetic dentistry realises some truly face-saving benefits – the intervention of a cosmetic dentist could even delay the signs of aging! If you’re intent on making an everlasting impression or simply intent on insuring your teeth for the future, you’re certainly an ideal candidate, but do you actually know what’s on offer? Cosmetic dentistry is a diverse field of treatment not merely limited to premium whitening or veneer procedures – whether you suffer unsightly gaps or crooked front teeth, we’ve long moved on from fixed ‘train tracks’ and uncomfortable standard retainers.

Teeth whitening is a booming procedure offered by practically every cosmetic dentist in the UK. According to a study conducted by Crest in 2007, over 68% of survey respondents associated pristine white teeth with professional success, while over 59% concurred the procedure gave them a confidence boost – integral in many of today’s competitive professional industries. Several variations of cosmetic whitening exist, ranging from a simple descale and bleaching, to the application of dental veneers or porcelain crowns. Contrary to belief, veneers aren’t always applied as a quick-fix alternative to whitening. Veneers are often sought to ‘cover up’ the damage or wear to teeth caused by aging, grinding and minor accidents. Crowns tend to be reserved for patients with cavity issues, particularly if such cavities pose a threat to the health of the tooth itself. A veneer is primarily applied for cosmetic and aesthetic benefit, whereas a crown usually caps the entire tooth, protecting it from further decay and/or wear.

Cosmetic straightening of the teeth comes in a close second to whitening, as one of the most popular modern procedures for young, image conscious adults – most of whom probably declined the offer of an affixed brace during their teens. Cosmetic straightening has long evolved from what many call “train track braces”. Developments such as Invasalign, the Inman Aligner, the Clearstep System and lingual retainers are popular non-visible, on-going treatments for realignment of teeth and surgical intervention is actually quite rare. Surprisingly, these cosmetic straightening methods can also be used to rectify minor problems, relative to just one or two crooked teeth.

You’ve probably heard word of ‘dermal fillers’ from the mouths of celebrities and it can be a great treatment for stalling the signs of aging. Cosmetic dermal fillers have nothing to do with the oral interior; it is a treatment largely sought by those with wrinkles and depressions around the mouth area. Some cosmetic dentists have extended their services to include this treatment – the most popular being Restylane, a non-synthetic filler made from constituent chemicals found already in the skin. Restylane isn’t for everyone, but when combined with the recently enhanced oral work in maturer patients, has a surprisingly noticeable impact. If you thought cosmetic dentistry was an exclusive benefit for wealthy celebrities – think again. A cosmetic dentist needn’t be outrageously expensive and that small investment you make, will yield an amazing boost for both your self-confidence, and those all important first impressions.