The Top 5 problems that Cosmetic Dentists solve from Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth

Ceramic crowns by Smaile Care Cosmetic Dentists PlymouthHere at Smilecare we understand what people mean when they ask for the ‘smile they have always wanted’.

And today’s cosmetic dentists can do some very impressive work which leaves, literally, no dental problem unsolved.

Indeed, the latest research and technology hаs made cosmetic procedures for many dental needs not only mоre accurate but also safer and allows us to complete a procedure more quickly.

Among the Top 5 problems that cosmetic dentists solve are:

Teeth whitening

Essentially there are two options for this.

The first is to use a tooth whitening gel at home using a special bleaching tray which sits next to your teeth. We have pre-filled adaptable tray system which you simply place in your mouth, adjust the thin membrane as it adheres to your teeth and wear it for 60 minutes once a day for 10 days. It really is that simple!

This is an affordable method which brings effective results.

In addition you can also use LumaArch light which is a high energy light that accelerates and intensifies the whitening process. We use this with a special whitening gel which is applied to the teeth.  You should see impressive results after just one session.

You can find more information about teeth whitening in Plymouth here:

Veneers or laminates

There are times when a patient has severe discoloration in their teeth which cannot be easily remedied with the whitening treatment mentioned above. In these instances porcelain veneers оr laminates аre recommended cosmetic dentistry solutions. Veneers are also the ideal solution for those with chipped, damaged teeth or have a gap or crooked teeth.

Porcelain veneers, once they have bonded with уour teeth, will lооk likе уоur healthy natural teeth.

Again, here at the Smilecare Centre we have lots of experience in fitting veneers.

For a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth who can fit veneers, you can read more and contact us:

Dental implants

This treatment is growing in popularity for people who no longer want to wear dentures and for those who have missing teeth. A dental implant replaces the natural root of a tooth and are usually made of titanium and is placed below the gums where it is joined with the jawbone.  Crowns, bridges or dentures can be attached to the implant by screws or clips.

For a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth who can perform dental implants, you can read more and contact us:

Smile makeovers

Or, as they are more popularly known, ‘Hollywood smiles’. This is the creation of a lovely smile with bright teeth.  How you smile says a lot about you, it can also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Created by using braces, implants or veneers, the aim is to create a natural-looking smile which reflects who you are. This treatment isn’t always about correcting teeth since you may not have any issues – instead it’s about improving on what you have and will include whitening and improving.

For a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth who can makeove ryour smile, you can read more and contact us:

Clear braces

One of the issues surrounding teeth straitening is the wearing of braces. This puts people off but with invisible braces people will hardly notice the wearer has them in. And they work quickly in correcting and straitening teeth. There is a good range of such braces available – the most famous being Invisalign. Others include Clearstep, Ice, Simpli5 and Oralign.

Braces will gently correct your teeth and is an increasingly popular treatment among adults looking to create that perfect smile.

For a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth who can fit clear braces, you can read more and contact us:

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