About Smile Care Cosmetic Centre Dentists in Plymouth

About Smile Care Dentists Plymouth

130 North Hill in Plymouth has had a long history as a dental practice. The first dental practice has been established here in 1948. Since then the building has seen many generations of patients.

Two years ago the building went through the general refurbishment and Smile Care Cosmetic Centre moved into newly equipped and restored premises.

We are now in a position to expand our general and cosmetic dentistry and welcome new patients to our Plymouth based Private dental practice.

It is practice policy to recommend regular examinations to allow us to check the health of your teeth, gums and jaw function. We also take the opportunity to look for signs of oral cancer and general medical conditions. There will be time to show you how to prevent teeth and gum problems developing and to show you methods for maintaining a healthy mouth and smile.

At Smile Care, we look forward to helping you achieve and keep your dream smile for many years to come. So contact us today for a consultation and to find out how we can help you with you dental care.We look forward to seeing you soon.